Scotland. For a small country, we’ve made a very big impact and we continue to progress and pioneer. Our warmth and generosity are renowned around the world, as well as our driving determination.

Now we are creating new opportunities and standards that are making the world sit up and take notice. Whether you’re looking to study, invest, live and work, or just visit and see it all for yourself…


What's Scotland Ever Done For Me?..

For centuries, Scotland's innovative and inventive spirit has provided the world with some pretty incredible things! From the household items that complement your everyday life, to the medical discoveries that help keep us fit and healthy, Scotland's contribution to society is unmatched and naturally, we're incredibly proud of this rich history.

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Our People

Mark & Anna

Find out why Mark Hogarth, Creative Director of Harris Tweed, and supermodel Anna Freemantle feel Scotland is so in vogue right now.

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Through his research at University of Glasgow, Professor Dahiya is pioneering robotic skin for bionic prosthetics.

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Larissa Slaney, Life Scientist at Heriot-Watt University is making remarkable breakthroughs in the field of non-invasive animal tracking.

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Commonwealth Judo champion, Stephanie Inglis, was involved in an accident that left her fighting for her life rather than medals. Today, against the odds, she’s turning things around.

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Scotland's Stories


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We want to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up and Baby Box initiative is designed to give every single baby in Scotland an equal start in life.

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Andy Scott’s sculptures transform landscapes and create a focal point for locals and visitors alike. He is drawn to, and inspired by, Scotland.

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The LGBT+ community is hugely important to Scotland and we are a world-leading country in a number of LGBT+ areas.

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Scotland’s Forth Bridges are a wonder of the modern world. Towering over the Firth of Forth, they represent the pinnacle of engineering from three centuries.

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Our Timeline

Explore Scotland's lifetime of people, events, discoveries and turning points that not only changed the course of Scotland's history, but had an impact across the world.

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Built in collaboration with Google, our augmented reality app allows you to literally step into Scotland, experience some of our incredible attractions and get an idea of what's happening here right now!

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